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Myth Busted: This “Healthy” Sweetener Is No Healthier Than White Sugar


Brown Sugar Is No Better For Weight Loss Than White Sugar

Few people dispute the taste appeal of brown sugar.

With its complex hints of toffee or caramel, brown sugar lends exquisite flavor to all kinds of recipes, from cookies to baked ham.

However, when it comes to brown sugar being “healthier” than white sugar, that’s just a myth. There’s really no difference between the two in terms of calories and nutrition.

Per teaspoon, brown sugar contains about the same number of calories as white sugar. Because of its molasses content, brown sugar technically delivers essential dietary nutrients like magnesium and potassium. Yet the amounts are so small, they won’t do much to meet your daily nutritional needs.

So if you’re looking to cut calories, eat healthier and lose weight by choosing brown sugar over white sugar, you won’t see much benefit...

...other than how you feel based on what type of brown sugar you choose.

While some brown sugar is just refined white sugar with molasses added back in (meaning highly industrialized sugar), “raw” brown sugars like turbinado, muscovado and demerara are sugars that have only been mildly centrifuged. So they’re unrefined and typically come from cottage industries in developing nations.

In other words, brown sugar alone DOES NOT represent a significantly better choice over white sugar when it comes to diet and healthy weight loss.

Yet brown sugar (like all sugars) DOES represent a choice about where your sugars come...

...about what chemicals and residue come along with them...

...about how they’re made and how you feel about that.

In the end, how you feel about yourself based on your choices determines happiness, and that’s the real engine that keeps diets on track, fuels successful weight loss and maintains good health.

Stay inspired and stay healthy.

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