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Real Beauty IS NOT Just About Looking Younger


Real Beauty Is About Respecting the Amazing Story That’s You

If you’re not used to hearing that real beauty is NOT just about looking younger, then this is something you really need to hear.

If you have wrinkles and other visible signs of aging, and you’ve been looking for a skincare solution that quickly delivers younger-looking skin, you deserve a lot more respect.

Yup, R-E-S-P-E-C-T (to coin Aretha Franklin).

Here’s why:

Even if you’ve only tried a handful of so-called beauty products, you likely know that most skincare advertising basically talks to you like this:

“You look horrible and you should be ashamed of yourself! And you’d better do something about it today because you look like a dried-out lizard. If you don’t take action right now, you’re going to wind up miserable.”

I know. It’s pretty harsh and all too common, but they’re staying up nights thinking up twaddle like that—all designed to make you feel ugly and so depressed and insecure that you’ll do ANYTHING to make it all go away.

And here’s the kicker.

After all that, they add injury to insult by presenting you with expensive powders, pills or potions that don’t work… or something weirder, like snail mucous!

(Seriously, they have that.)

Now, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look and feel younger. Every woman wants that. But when some beauty peddler tells you to be ashamed and feel ugly—and then tries to scam you? There’s PLENTY wrong with that.

Most beauty companies don’t understand the truth about wrinkles.

When it comes to fine lines and wrinkles, most beauty-product peddlers try to make you feel ashamed of your looks so they can scare you into buying their questionable powders, pills and potions. But here’s the truth about your wrinkles:

Your face tells the incredible story that’s you—and no beauty peddler should EVER tell you that you’re not beautiful.

You see, wrinkles are like sentences: smile lines kept from days with friends and family… frown lines earned through heartaches endured bravely… creases etched by losses that only made you stronger… all written as evidence of a life lived in incredible love, hope and courage (or, the very essence of real beauty).

Now, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to turn back the clock for the smoother, younger-looking skin you desire and deserve. Every woman wants that, but before you get started, here’s a message that beauty companies almost NEVER deliver:

You may wish to proceed cautiously.

I’m not specifically talking about product ingredients and safety here, although that’s certainly something you need to consider. Some skincare products, for example, can actually CAUSE accelerated skin aging by using synthetic preservatives called parabens. So you definitely want to look for a product that’s paraben-free.

By “caution,” I mean this:

Before you erase that last wrinkle, just remember. Your face tells the incredible story of you, and if you’d prefer to keep one or two sentences, then keep them.

You’ve earned the right to be respected, and real beauty includes the beauty that’s always been you.

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