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20 Little-Known Facts About Vitamin B12 Deficiency

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The Powerhouse Vitamin

Vitamin B12 is a dynamo when it comes to keeping you energized, mentally sharp and feeling great. It boosts metabolism by helping convert carbohydrates to glucose and maintains healthy digestion. It also keeps blood cells healthy, promotes mental clarity and helps reduce depression and stress. Plus, B12 promotes vibrant hair, skin and nails—so you look great too—and protects against heart disease and cancers like prostate and breast cancer.

Unfortunately, B12 isn’t like other vitamins. It’s only found in animal-based protein foods like meat, eggs, milk, cheese and fish. This means vegetarians and people with digestive issues are at heightened risk of B12 deficiency and dangerous blood conditions like pernicious anemia. As well, B12 can only be absorbed from food by stomach acid called Intrinsic Factor, which naturally drops with age. Because of this, research by Harvard University estimates 10 - 30% of adults over 50 have low B12 levels, and health agencies are calling B12 deficiency "the silent epidemic."

Signs of B12 deficiency include fatigue, brain fog, mood changes, weakness, shortness of breath, pale skin, constipation and vision problems.

Read More to find out more about the causes, effects and solutions for B12 deficiency.

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